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Sullivan’s Landscaping receives a significant number of RFPs (Requests for Proposals) between early August and late September, as most communities and businesses are preparing budgets for the upcoming fiscal year. This is a very selective process for us as well as the potential customer.

Although it’s an endlessly evolving process, we have spent the past five years or so, developing who we are as a second generation business, what core values define us and what our vision of who we wish to become is. We know who we are as a company and who we wish to do business with. That said, we recognize that not all communities and businesses are a fit for our business model. We review every RFP we receive to determine if we believe it will be a good fit from a service stand point, but equally as important, if we believe we can develop a long term partnership based on mutual respect as your trusted advisor.

Allowing Sullivan’s Landscaping the opportunity to visit your community and to meet with your Board and Landscape Committee members during the bidding process is the key to a great start. During the initial bid meeting, you will have the opportunity to meet our Executive Team, including our Irrigation GM, our Turf GM, Our Vice President, Branch Manager and Account Manager so you understand the level of service we can offer as a company. We close the loop on the bidding process with a second post-bid meeting to discuss the contract and hopefully come to an agreement to move forward together.

Our communication starts with the bid process, in the pre-bid and post-bid meetings with the Board members. Once contracted, you will be assigned an Account Manager who will serves as your single point of contact from Sullivan’s Landscaping. This role is unique in that the Account Manager is a true client facing, customer service driven face of the community. Their role is to focus solely on what matter most, exceeding customer satisfaction. The Account Manager coordinates directly with the Operations Manager, who is responsible for the crew members, and the Support Services Managers, including the Turf, Irrigation and Enhancements for all things related to your contract. The Account Manager provides a consistent on site presence which allows them to be in the know and provide proactive communication back to the Board liaison. They provide monthly education flyers, arrange for Support Service seminars for the community to increase their knowledge base on landscape related issues and provide direct and frequent communication with your assigned liaison to ensure that we are exceeding expectations.

Sullivan's Landscaping strive to be part of the solution, not the problem. As a trusted advisor to the communities we service, we offer a variety of solutions to the common problems we identify. We also recognize that not all community contracts are as all-inclusive as some residents may need or want and therefore, can offer supplemental services to enhance the experience of these particular residents.

  • Drainage solutions as simple as regrading, installing french drains or re-routing downspout.
  • Proactive damage mitigation solutions to common problems we identify during our initial walk through like creating stone or mulch beds to protect siding, stair risers and porch posts.
  • Additional fertilization treatments to improve the overall health and quality of your turf.
  • Community discounted services for irrigation, fertilization and bed care.
  • Educational seminars to expand the knowledge base of the residents related to all things landscaping.
  • Lawn renovations and aerating and overseeding.
  • Design and phased landscape enhancement projects to update your current entrance or amenity areas.

Sullivan’s Landscaping proudly employs all crew members on a full-time, year-round commitment, which allows the opportunity during the winter months to provide in-depth, thorough training on the various services we provide. Because we provide year-round employment, the community and other contracts we service benefit from having the consistency of an assigned crew, who becomes an integral part of the properties they service. While we do not participate in the H2B program, we do supplement our year-round employees with seasonal, contracted crew members.

Sullivan’s Landscaping provides several layers of quality control to ensure that we are delivering on our promise to your community or business. Because we employ all crew members on a year-round basis, we are able to provide a dedicated crew who takes ownership of and pride in the property they service. The consistency they provide brings a natural balance of quality to the property. In addition, the property is assigned an Account Manager who assesses the property from the eyes of the customer on a weekly basis. The Operations Manager and Field Supervisor also assess the property from their perspective to allow the opportunity to continue to develop the crew members and to ensure that our internal brand standards are met.

Sullivan’s Landscaping follows the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) Safety Program. This program provides weekly training topics that cover all necessary safety protocols specifically related to the landscaping industry. Using industry standards, we are able to properly ensure that each and every crew member is trained on the top ten most crucial safety practices as part of their initial onboarding process before they ever reach the truck on the first day. After that, each division and each Operations Manager follows the Safety Program Manuel to deliver weekly training, 51 weeks a year to ensure the safety of our employees as well as the safety of the community residents we serve.

Throughout the year, your lawn becomes compacted from regular use. As this happens, a layer of thatch develops that is made up of a tightly bound layer of dead grass and roots which can reduce nutrient uptake, water retention and root development. Every summer the Fescue grass lawns struggle with the complex Delaware weather conditions of high humidity, shade, high temperatures, and dry conditions. Fescue grass does not have the ability to regenerate and must be reseeded to establish a new lawn.

Our team recommends aeration and seeding services for lawns to be performed in the fall to ensure optimal results. By aerating in the fall, the seeds you plant will be ready to thrive during the next growing season and produce the lush green lawn you have always wanted. No lawn care service is complete without yearly aeration and seeding.

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