Among the many possible lawn care maintenance processes to choose from that lawns should receive each and every year, few are more important than aeration and seeding. This mechanical process is essential in providing lawns with the building blocks they need to stay full and healthy year-round.

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Why is Aeration & Seeding Important?

Throughout the year, your lawn becomes compacted from regular use. As this happens, a layer of thatch develops that is made up of a tightly bound layer of dead grass and roots which can reduce nutrient uptake,water retention and root development.

Every summer the Fescue grass lawns struggle with the complex Delaware weather conditions of high humidity, shade, high temperatures,and dry conditions. Fescue grass does not have the ability to regenerate and must be reseeded to establish a new lawn.

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What is Aeration & Seeding?

Core aeration pulls cores out of the ground allowing for oxygen, nutrients and water to flow down into the soil. This is an essential maintenance process that should be handled professionally.These cores are usually 2 to 3 inches in length and about ½-inch in diameter. The spaces left by their removal reduces soil compaction and improves circulation in your lawn overall.

Fescue seed will take longer to germinate and lead to overall less healthy grass if an adequate seed bed is not created first. By performing a core aeration of the turf prior to seeding a proficient seed bed is formed that is an advantageous environment for quick, successful seed germination. Seed is introduced to the lawn which creates new plant growth and subsequent thickening of the lawn.

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When should I Aerate & Seed?

Our team recommends aeration and seeding services for lawns to be performed in the fall to ensure optimal results. By aerating in the fall, the seeds you plant will be ready to thrive during the next growing season and produce the lush green lawn you have always wanted. No lawn care service is complete without yearly aeration and seeding.

Why Use Sullivan’s Landscaping?

Such a vital lawn and turf care maintenance process should be handled professionally. We always double aerate our lawns, and then seed at the maximum rate to make sure the lawn comes in nice and thick.

Our program utilizes the best seed available for the Delmarva region. We have engineered and developed our own seed, Sullivan’s Signature Blend. Our blend is the result of years of test plot trials located in here in Delaware. We tested the drought, traffic and disease tolerance and genetic color to ensure we provide our customers with the best product possible for our area. Our seed is simply proven, reliable and consistent so your lawn always looks great. We utilize a special blend that is comprised of Tall Turf Type Fescue grass and is 100% weed and crop free. This mixture establishes a dense, healthy lawn with excellent drought resistance specifically for our region.

Our team here at Sullivan’s Landscaping performs over-seeding for lawns in Sussex County, Kent County and New Castle County regions.

Benefits of Our Aeration and Seeding Program Include:

  • Detailed prior to service instructions for preparing your lawn to achieve maximum results
  • Double core aeration of the lawn
  • Seeding with 6 pounds of Sullivan’s Signature Blend per 1,000 square feet, which is 100% weed-free seed
  • Detailed watering and mowing instructions post service
  • A complimentary 5-lb. bag of Sullivan’s Signature Blend to fill in any remaining areas

All of these steps ensure that our Aeration and Overseeding program is the best in the area. If you are currently a Sullivan’s Landscaping customer, or are a Delaware resident and would like to become a customer and take advantage of this aeration and seeding program, please contact our office at (302) 335-5317.

We will be happy to explain the Aeration and Seeding Program, inform you about our Holistic and Performance programs you can benefit from, as well as provide pricing for your property. Call soon to take advantage of this great program and to become a valued Sullivan’s Landscaping customer!

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