Properly maintained lawns that have correctly applied lawn care services achieve optimal results. Sullivan’s Landscaping professionals can provide services that will ensure your grass is green, beautiful and more importantly safe and healthy.

Much like people, lawns are living and breathing. They have specific characteristics and personalities that make each lawn unique, no two lawns are truly the same. At Sullivan’s we offer lawn health care services that promote the overall health of the turf that is reflective in its appearance.

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When you purchase and pre-pay for an annual lawn healthcare program.
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Customer Service

Professional service is the cornerstone of our company. We depend on our employees to deliver efficient, reliable, and professional service to our customers. Our employees are constantly enrolled in seminars, training and certification classes to ensure Sullivan’s delivers the best quality experience for its customers.

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Superior Products

Sullivan’s takes pride in using the best possible products in the correct volumes at the right time. The nutrients that we apply help stabilize pH levels, promote soil health, and alleviate any micro and vital macro-nutrient deficits.

Our People

Our lawn care services are developed by certified specialists with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. Our experts will develop a tailored, science-based plan to meet your lawns specific needs and make a difference that you can actually see. Our plans start with free consultation and a recommended lawn health analysis that will allow our team of experts to examine the soil and nutrient needs of your lawn.