The one constant key contributor to a lush green lawn and a healthy landscape is proper hydration. There are many factors to consider when watering: time of day, the proper amount, and placement. This is where the knowledgeable irrigation technicians at Sullivan’s help.

Design is the foundation of a properly functioning irrigation system. A sound design will involve a system layout with proper sprinkler spacing, forming head to head coverage. With the correct tips and nozzle selection for irrigation heads, an equal precipitation is reached allowing the area to receive the same amount of water over the same time. Lawn irrigation systems are designed to reduce turf and plant stress and loss. In addition, properly designed and functioning systems should also conserve water while allowing optimal amounts of hydration for the landscape.  

Whether it comes to designing custom automatic systems, installation, adding zones, repair work, season maintenance of start-up and winterization, let the irrigation experts at Sullivan’s Landscaping handle it for you.

Irrigation Maintenance Program

Spring Start-Up

After the ground temperature reaches above freezing. Our Irrigation Technicians will inspect each of the following: pressure test all main lines, turn on and reset controllers based on the current weather conditions, inspect rain sensors (where applicable), turn on each zone and adjust heads as needed, and cleaning of areas around heads to allow optimal functionality.

Summer Inspection

Irrigation techs update automatic scheduled run times based on the change in daylight hours and summer conditions. Part of the inspection process includes monitoring rain sensors (where applicable), turning on each zone and adjusting heads as needed, and cleaning of areas around heads to allow optimal functionality. An inspection will be conducted not only to fix but prevent major repairs. Any problems found will be reported to the homeowner. Additional inspections can be customized into any irrigation program. The inspections can be conducted annually, monthly, or 3 times during the stress of summer depending on the homeowner’s expectations and budgets.


The deactivation of the system by use of compressed air to remove water from all lines, while also unplugging and removing of batteries from all controllers. During this process irrigation technicians will inspect for major repairs, which will be reported to the homeowner.